History Of Low Cost Airlines Offering Cheap Air Tickets

Low Cost Airlines run in specific niche sectors and fly with lots of constraints. These constraints keep an important balance between the client requirements and effective operations, making it possible for them to supply inexpensive air tickets.

Nowadays, nations in almost all the continents have their own affordable providers.

How did low cost airline providers even get started? How did this concept of a low cost provider and business design come into operation, and become such a powerhouse in the airline industry?

The credit for establishing this low cost business design and ending up being the very first low cost provider lies with Southwest Airlines of Dallas, Texas, USA. This low cost airline company started operations in 1971 and with its no-frills, brief hopping paths and easy fare structure, it proliferated by supplying low cost air travels to the consumers. The success of the airline company set an example to be duplicated all over the world, though it was done much later on in these other parts of the world. In UK, the low cost providers got in the venture in the late 1970s when Laker Airways ran the no-frills transatlantic Skytrain flights from UK to United States. The airline company needed to stop the services due to extreme rate cuts that competitors from the significant airline companies did. This lead the way for operation of other airline companies such as Easyair and Ryanair in the 1990s.

In the South Asia area, the low cost provider operations were started in 2000. In India, the introduction of these providers accompanied the opening of the sector for the federal government. Nevertheless, the operation of the low cost providers by supplying low-cost air tickets has actually not been a smooth flight for much of these providers. A few of the more lucrative ones which have actually had the ability to sustain and grow in the extreme competition that has been brought on are Spicejet, Indigo Airlines and Jet Airways.

In South East Asia, AirAsia of Malaysia started pioneering LCC operations from 1996 and is now the biggest inexpensive provider of Asia. Jetstar of Australia started operations in 2003 and 2 years later on, it was Tiger Airways of Singapore that started operations in their particular nations.

There are numerous other European, Latin American and Asian nations which have LCCs of their own which offer not just the domestic but also the global connection with other nearby nations. Stay tuned for more information on these amazing airlines.